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My desire to serve on the Board of Education stems from my passion for education and my commitment to civic engagement and giving back to my community.   My platform is based on the principles that I believe are essential for public education:

1) Transparency and Inclusion of Stakeholders

2) Innovation 

3) Equity and Diversity

4) Authentic Family Engagement

5) Attention to the Whole Child  


Transparency and Inclusion 

Everyone should have a voice; decisions should be supported and explained; data and information should be shared; transparency and inclusion  breeds trust!

Family Engagement

Family engagement needs to be authentic - welcoming, intentional, respectful, meaningful and interactive; parents and families are vital partners ! 


I support exploration of innovative ideas -- innovative pedagogy, innovative uses of technology; innovative and diverse funding and innovative educational systems redesign!

The Whole Child

Public education should focus on the whole person, not only on academic skills; civility, leadership, socio-emotional health, life skills and gratitude are essential too!   

Equity & Diversity

Equity of access, opportunity, and outcomes are my guiding principles.  Solutions are not simple and must be resourced, evidence-based and evaluated to determine impact!

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