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USC is the reason that I came to California.  It was the only college I applied to so I was glad I got in!  I earned all three of my degrees from USC (B.A. in '85, MSW in '87, Ph.D. in '95). I worked for the University for 8 years, and have been teaching there for over 30 years at the School of Social Work.  I was President of the Alumni Association twice, and have worked on numerous boards and committees. My experiences working at the USC Neighborhood Academic Initiative Pre-College Enrichment Academy and Family Development Institute, taught me a lot about  what students and families need to achieve academic success.   The most valuable thing that I learned was the importance of attending to socio-emotional issues and using positive youth development and strengths-based interventions from a trauma-informed perspective. These experiences influence my platform and inform my priorities for our district.  


I was selected to receive the Jane Addams Teacher of the Year Award in 2012 and had the honor of being the graduation speaker.  You can find the video on YouTube and fast forward to the 19:25 mark unless you like watching 1,000 march into the Shrine

Me with Dr. Carrie Lew, a long    time friend and colleague from    the USC School of Social Work.    

Proudly rocking my Regalia as a Faculty member attending my 28th  Graduation to support my students!  

Vicious is a Trojan Too!

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